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eric gales

Teaches blues guitar

PRICE  $129  $279

Learn how to play soulful blues guitar riffs like the best in the world!

Discover the best ways to increase your speed, develop your chord vocabulary, improve your guitar technique and create your very own blues guitar riffs!

Develop your skills by following our successful step-by-step practice strategy!

Transform the way you play guitar!

    16+ Video lessons (2 hrs, 20 min)
   Only need basic guitar skills
    Right Hand & Left Hand TABS
   Step-by-step practice guide
    Lifetime Access

 What will you learn?

In this class, Eric teaches you all of his blues guitar secrets, transforming the way you play blues guitar. You’ll learn his step-by-step process for applying the proper technique to your playing and how to create the most soul penetrating guitar solos. This class is designed to give you new sets of ready-to-use guitar skills, so that you can take your blues guitar playing to the next level!

Eric's Musical Inspirations

Eric's Pedal Rig

Pedals In The Studio vs On Stage

Posture and Form

Guitar Warm Ups

Mastering All Guitar Positions

Picking Patterns

Ghost Notes

Eric's Approach To Chords

Using Pentatonic Scales

Playing The Blues

Must Know Blues Riffs

"Drop D" Tuning

The Art of Soloing

Performance "Fur Elise"

Performance "Amazing Grace"

Dealing With Nerves

Learn from the best

Eric Gales


Originally hailed as a child prodigy, Eric Gales is regarded by Carlos Santa, Joe Bonamassa and many others as one of the greatest living guitarists in the world. Eric has recorded over 18 albums for major record labels. Eric’s known for his unique style of guitar playing and has mastered the ability to captivate listeners with each note he plays.

In this class, Eric teaches you the guitar techniques, blues vocabulary, musical awareness and self-confidence so that you can learn to authentically play blues guitar.







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