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Teaches Songwriting

$139 / per course

Learn how to create unforgettable melodies and songs like the best songwriters!

Discover the best techniques and ways to tell a story that resonates with your listeners through your songs!

Develop your skills by following our successful step-by-step practice strategy!

Transform the way you write songs!

   Video lessons (2 hrs)
   Only need basic songwriting skills
    Learn at your own pace
   Step-by-step practice guide
    Lifetime Access

What will you learn?

In this class, Ne-Yo teaches you the secrets behind his magic touch for writing hit songs. Learn Ne-Yo’s step-by-step process for writing a hook (chorus), developing a theme, and building a song from start to finish. This class is designed to give you new sets of ready-to-use songwriting skills, so that you can write your own hit songs!

Ne-Yo's Musical Inspirations

Developing Your Creative Sound

Finding Your Melody, Chords & Rhythm

Building The Melody

Writing The Hook (Chorus)

What Makes A Song?

Song Structure (verse, chorus, bridge)

Setting A Mood & Vibe

Choosing The Instrumentation

Breaking Down "So Sick"

Breaking Down "Because Of You"

Developing Your Theme & Sound

Breaking Down "Time Of Our Lives"

Ne-Yo's Songwriting Process

Being Relatable In Your Music

Writing For Yourself vs Someone Else

Dealing With Writer's Block

How To Be A Successful Songwriter

Dealing With Nerves

Learn from the best



Ne-Yo is a 3x Grammy Award recording artist, iconic songwriter, actor, dancer, and television judge. Ne-yo has written Billboard #1 hit songs for himself and artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Calvin Harris, Pitbull and more! 

In this class, Ne-Yo teaches songwriting techniques, setting a mood / vibe, best ways to deal with writer’s block and the tools you need to create songs that relate to your listeners.






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