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Teaches Singing with Soul

$139 / per course

Learn how to create soulful runs and riffs like the best celebrity singers!

Discover the best ways to increase your range, develop your vocal tone, improve your vocal technique and find your very own soulful identity!

Develop your skills by following our successful step-by-step practice strategy!

Transform the way you sing!

   Video lessons (2 hrs, 15 min)
   Only need basic singing skills
    Learn at your own pace

   Step-by-step practice guide
    Lifetime Access

What will you learn?

In this class, Chrisette teaches you all of her vocal secrets, transforming the way you sing. You’ll learn her step-by-step process for applying the proper technique to your singing and creating soulful musical ideas with your voice. This class is designed to give you new sets of ready-to-use vocal skills, so that you can sing with soul.

Chrisette's Influences

Vocal Warm Up Exercises

Developing Breath Control

Using Diction & Annunciation

Vocal Tone & Vibrato

Learning To Use Dynamics

Increasing Your Range

Vocal Register & Blending

Vocal Agility & Fluidity

Singing Scales & Chords

Singing Runs & Riffs

Glottal Attack (Gospel & Soul)

Caressing The Melody (R&B Style)

How To Sing Different Styles

Contextualize Technique To Real Music

Creating Soulful Melodic Phrases

How To Evoke Emotion

Best Practices For Singing Live

Learn from the best

Chrisette Michele


Chrisette Michele is a Grammy Award winning R&B, soul singer and songwriter. Known for her powerhouse vocals, Chrisette has released over 100 songs and performed with artists like Jay-Z, Nas, John Legend, Drake, Rick Ross, George Duke, Patty Labelle, Stevie Wonder and many more.

In this class, Chrisette teaches the vocal techniques, vocal vocabulary, musical awareness and the importance of self-confidence, so that you can learn to authentically sing with soul.






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