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Teaches Violin & Arranging 

$144 (One-time payment)
Course subtitles: English, French

Discover how to create new and original music ideas!

Learn how to make arranging your favorite songs fun and exciting!

Develop your skills by following our successful step-by-step practice strategy!

Transform the way you play violin

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   15 Video lessons ( 1h 37m )
    Only need basic violin skills
    Learn at your own pace

    Step-by-step practice guide
    Music notation
    Lifetime Access

What will you learn?

Lindsey teaches you everything she knows in this class, transforming the way you create music. Learn her fun and creative approach to playing violin and leave the class with a new set of ready-to-use violin and arranging skills.

Sput's Influences

Sput’s first introduction to musicality on drums was through Joel Smith. In this lesson, learn what influenced Sput to become the drummer that he is today.

Posture and Form

Everything about Sput’s setup is calculated, from the tilt of his toms to the height of his cymbals. In this lesson, you will learn how to have proper posture and form when playing. 

Make Your Rudiments Musical

Everyone’s favorite rudiment is the paradiddle. In this lesson, Sput teaches a cool way to practice some of his favorite rudiments.

Cross Stick & Rimshot

In this lesson, Sput gives you key tips and tricks to finding the perfect cross-stick.


You’ll need to be patient for this one! In this lesson Sput shows how you can use different genres of music to challenge your limbs to operate independently from one another.

Ghost Notes

Ghost notes are the beats that you feel but don’t necessarily hear. In this lesson, Sput shares his experience with ghost notes and tells you how you can implement them into your music.

Texture, Tone & Touch

Sput sees the drums in frequencies; lows, mid- Sput sees the drums in frequencies; lows, mid-range, high-mids, and highs. In this lesson, Sput gives his insight into how you can use the tone of each piece of the set to make full use of the texture it can provide.


Sput learned the importance of dynamics in his earlier Sput learned the importance of dynamics in his earlier years while playing wedding and club gigs. In this lesson, you will learn how to use what he learned in your playing. 

Hi-Hat & Snare Drum Combos

The relationship between the hi-hat and the snare drum is one of the most important relationships around the entire drum set. In this lesson, Sput teaches you how to develop a sense of balance between the two pieces. 

Understanding Odd-Time Signatures

Sput has a number of tricks for mastering odd-time signatures. In this lesson, he teaches you exactly how you can apply them. 

Expanding Your Odd-Time Signatures

Sput goes through a pattern in 7/4 and highlights each individual drum part of the groove. He teaches his ability to break the groove down to its simplest form which allows him to internalize the parts.

Creating Fills

The objective of a fill is to further narrate the music by applying tasteful and contextual transitions. In this lesson, Sput uses his expertise to teach you how to create fills like he does. 

Being a Band Leader

To be an effective band leader you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your band members, how to communicate with everyone effectively and you must know the music inside and out. Sput teaches his tips for being the band leader.

Playing With a Percussionist

Playing alongside another percussionist is tricky for most drummers. In this lesson, Sput offers his tips for how to do it.

Composition Breakdown "Bent Nails" - Snarky Puppy

Sput took an interesting approach to composing “Bent Nails”. He breaks down the approach in this lesson.

Composition Breakdown: "Can't Get Right"

Spuut takes breaks down his approach to composing “Can’t Get Right”. 

Grooving and Improvising

Sput refers to improvising as creative grooving. In this lesson, learn how you can approach improvisation like Sput. 

Composition Breakdown "Bent Nails" - Snarky Puppy

Sput took an interesting approach to composing “Bent Nails”. He breaks down the approach in this lesson.

Controlling Your Nerves

Everyone is human and feels anxious and nervous. In this lesson, Sput teaches you how to not allow those feelings to prevent you from executing. 

How Sput Learns Music

Sput learns music much different than most drummers. In this lesson, you’ll learn exactly how he does it. 

Bass and Drum Relationship

The bass and drums are the backbone of the rhythm section. Sput shares tips for ensuring that your kick pattern and the bass pattern compliment one another. 

Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

In addition to our in-depth video lessons, use our course book to drastically improve your skills through our chapter summaries, music notation, and practice guides. It’s an easy to follow curriculum designed to enhance your learning experience and further your growth.


Sput’s influences
  • Take some time and go through a list of your personal musical influences.
  • Review your list and analyze the ways that each influence has or can affect your musical sound and approach to music.


Posture and Form
  • Practice setting up your drums in a way that allows you to reach each piece of the drum set comfortably.
  • Use your wrist to play the drums, not your arms.


Make your Rudiments Musical
  • Using a metronome, p Using a metronome, practice your singles, doubles, triplets, flams and paradiddle rudiments at a slow tempo.
  • Gradually increase your speed while maintaining an even sound throughout each exercise.
  • Choose 1 song to play along to as you practice each rudiment.


Cross Stick & Rimshot
  • Place your drum stick in the middle of the snare drum and strike the rim with your drum stick.
  • Using a metronome, play a simple backbeat groove with a cross-stick.
  • Try to maintain a consistent and even cross-stick sound.


  • Use your left hand to play the down beats on the hi-hat (1….2….3….4).
  • While your left hand is going, play the “3 Exercise” on the snare drum.
  • After each measure, start the pattern a 16th note later.


Ghost Notes
  • Learn the drum groove to the song “Funky Drummer” – James Brown
  • Isolate the ghost notes in the groove and play only the ghost notes.


Texture, Tone & Touch
  • Play each part of the drum set and analyze the differences in frequency, tone, sound, and texture.
  • Practice tuning your toms to a major, minor, or diminished triad.


  • Try to find the sweet spots on your drum set that allows you to get a strong and solid sound without having to strike the drum or cymbal hard.
  • Do this for the snare, kick, and other parts of the drum.
  • Play along to “Funky Drummer” – James Brown


Hi-Hat & Snare Drum Combos
  • Using a simple backbeat groove, explore different patterns on the hi-hat and snare drum.
  • Alternate the patterns between the hi-hat and snare drum while you keep the kick drum consistently on beats 1 and 3.


Understanding Odd-Time Signatures
  • Play a simple groove in 5/4 and accent the ‘and’ of 3


Expanding Your Odd-Time SIgnatures
  • Play a groove in 7/4.
  • Isolate the different parts of that groove.
  • While each part of the groove is isolated, choose 1 of the isolated parts and expound on that part by adding more complex ideas to it.


Creating Fills
  • Choose a song that has a full band performing in it.
  • Chart out the different sections of that song – the intro, verse, chorus, bridge, vamp etc.
  • Label all of the places where the music transitions to a different section and where a drum fill might occur.


Being a Band Leader
  • When you’re rehearsing with your band, practice calling out the different sections as they come up (intro, verse, chorus etc.).
  • Intentionally deviate from the original form of the song on the spot


Playing With a Percussionist
  • Play along with another percussionist and practice listening to what he or she is playing and find ways to complement what they’re doing.


Composition Breakdown: “Bent Nails” – Snarky Puppy
  • Compose a groove or song for your band.
  • Try to consider the musical personalities of your band members.


Composition Breakdown: “Can’t Get Right”
  • Create a groove with odd groupings over a 4/4 time signature.
  • Add other instrumentation to the groove and turn it into a song by creating different sections (verse, chorus, bridge).


Grooving and Improvising
  • Play “Uncle Funk” and analyze what each of the instruments are playing and where they come in.
  • After analyzing the instruments and their parts, play along to the track.


Controlling Your Nerves
  • When you’re feeling nervous about an upcoming performance or rehearsal, try to over prepare by ensuring that you know the material front and back.


How Sput Learns Music
  • Practice learning the melodies of songs before learning any other instrumental parts.
  • Memorize the form of the song.
  • Analyze the different instrumental parts of the songs and when they come in.


Bass and Drum Relationship
  • Play along with a bass player and try to lock your kick drum pattern to the rhythms they’re playing.

Learn from the best



Lindsey Stirling is a violinist, dancer, and performer who took the world by storm with her unique approach to arranging and performance. In this class, Lindsey teaches her writing process, how she arranges covers, how to use technical vocabulary in a musical way, and the importance of soul searching so that your musical expression is an extension of who you are.

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Learn why thousands of students are choosing to learn on Yousicplay.

Start this wonderful, fun and so engaging course because it’s filled with the same energy that Lindsey puts into her concert where she wholeheartedly shares her gift with the audience. This class will be educational and entertaining for the person who is making their first step in playing the violin and who needs a foundation and motivation to keep honing their skills!


I have been listening to Lindsey’s music for years now, and I am truly inspired by her success AND her music. I’m so very excited to see you teaching about it 🙂

I loved how easy and practical you made each lesson in this class. Having the practice guides and music notation in the course book was a huge help!!

Niamh Woulfe

Wow, what a great offer!!
I picked up my violin again just to learn from her. This class was so much fun!

David Gerull

Definitely a great opportunity to learn to reach for your dreams. Lindsey Stirling is amazing at sharing her musical knowledge and unique style of arranging with others 🙂

Charles Reitterer

I was very excited to start this class cause I’m a HUGE fan of you, that’s why I learned violin cause I want to be like you one day. I feel like I got to know you as a person along with the way you play violin. I can’t wait to start using what I learned from your class in my playing!

Maribel Olivas

I don’t think I can react big enough! There is no one I think is better suited to teach these things. I’ve watched each lesson multiple times and they’re are filled with boundless ideas. I’ve already improved my playing so much by practicing the techniques in this class!

Remington Wright





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