Private Schools London Ontario

Private Schools London Ontario

A child’s education sets the foundation for the rest of their life, so it is no wonder parents want their kids to have the best one possible. This is why many parents choose to seek out private schools. Doing this can benefit your child in several ways, from giving them a good education to helping them get into top universities. When looking for private schools in London, Ontario Mathews Hall is the best choice. For over one hundred years, teachers and staff have operated under the core values of compassion and excellence. They are committed to shaping the minds of young students for the better.

Benefits of Attending Mathews Hall

There are several benefits to attending Mathews Hall, from their world-class academics, to after school academics. Their diverse campus has something for all students to prepare them for secondary school.


At Mathews Hall, where the motto is “I must, I Can, I Will,” students always come first. The curriculum is designed to create well-rounded and well-educated individuals. Some of the programs include French, the arts, and chess, and small classroom sizes ensure that each child gets the attention they need. They have classes for kindergarten, lower school, and middle school. When children are in grade eight, they receive special guidance to prepare them for secondary school. They are even taken on tours of high schools in London, Ontario.

House System

Mathews Hall has four houses, Oxford, St. George, Sydenham, and Waterloo, and all students and staff are assigned to a house. The houses are comprised of students of all grade levels, and house events take place throughout the year. Students can earn points, at each year one house gets to take home the House Cup. This can help children learn valuable teamwork and social skills.

After School Activities

Mathews Hall also offers after school activities to help children round out their education and school experience. Some of their clubs include book club, chess, STEM, debate, and parliament. They also have different music groups and sports teams so each student is sure to find an activity they are passionate about. In addition, they have several special events each year and strive to get students involved with the community through food and clothing drives, and much more.

Financial Assistance

As one of the top London Ontario private schools, Mathews Hall understands that not every family can afford the tuition of a private school, and this is why they offer some financial assistance. They have Bursary funding that families can apply for after their child has been sent an offer of acceptance.

The Next Steps

The first step to getting your child into Mathews Hall is to book a tour. Families are given an individual tour of the school, typically during a normal school day, so parents and kids alike can have undivided attention. After that, you will send in the application materials and your child will get to spend a day on campus. Contact Matthew’s Hall Admission’s office: 519.471.1506 to book a tour.

Private Schools London Ontario

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Private Schools London Ontario

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