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This article will discuss some of the factors that go into choosing the right flight training program.  If you just want to become a commercial pilot as quickly as possible, FlyBy Aviation Academy offers an integrated ATPL program that can take a completely inexperienced pilot to EASA certified commercial pilot in as little as 14 months. 

You can learn more about this program which only costs 69,300 inclusive of all fees including housing and meals by clicking this link.

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Get a Top Airline Pilot Course

To be an airline pilot is lifelong dream for many. However, becoming a successful commercial pilot requires much more than having the desire and skill. A set of technical and academic knowledge is essential, which will give you the critical tools to start flying and become a top professional.  You will need to select flight training courses so you can acquire pilot knowledge necessary for flying an airplane safely according to federal aviation regulatons and eventually pass FAA knowledge tests (EASA pilot tests and written exams in Europe) to become an airplanes pilot.

In that sense, the choice of the aviation academy and pilot training solutions is crucial. This first step will determine whether you have what it takes to be an extraordinary pilot when you graduate. Some might only want to be private pilots and can settle for a private pilots license.  But for those who want to go beyond a private pilots license and become a proficient pilot able to start flying as a career pilot, they will want to receive accelerated airline training from an airline pilot program. There is a diversity of options in Europe, and it is therefore essential that you apply specific criteria to select a premium pilot school.

5-Top Tips on the Selection of the Best Pilot Programme For Your Future Career in Aviation

1. Records and Flight Training Certifications

When choosing an airline pilot program, the first point is to verify that the ground school is appropriately registered with the national and international aviation authorities and comply with federal aviation regulations.  Keep in mind that the authorities' validity is essential for your career as a pilot to be valid. If you graduate from an academy that is duly authorized by government agencies, you will be able to exercise your airline pilot career without problems. For example, at FlyBy, we are registered with the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority, and we are recognized by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and have international students from all over the world.

2. Academic Support

If you want to be a top commercial airlplanes pilot, you should look for flight academys with a strong ground school instruction team in addition to certified flight instructors. In the era of Covid19, many might be tempted to seek an online ground school and do test prep online, but nothing beats the in person experience and you can begin training flights sooner if there is some overlap in the knowledge test prep and buildilng flight hours. 

It is important to have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of flying before getting into the cockpit. You will also need to make sure you have the knowledge to pass the practical exams the flight school and certifying agencies demand for you to progress in your trek to become a proficient pilot. This means not only choosing a school such as FlyBy with excellent certified flight instructors and training solutions, and it means also having the determination and discipline to study and apply yourself to absorb the pilot knowledge as thoroughly as possible so you can pass the FAA practical exams (or EASA pilots tests in Europe).

3. Checks on the Quality of Facilities & Fleet

If you're going to spend hours flying an airplane at one or more flight academys, ideally, the planes should be in perfect condition. When analyzing the different pilot training courses' different options to be a career pilot, keep in mind the fleet that the academy has and its maintenance. Also, ask about the rest of the facilities that will be part of your professional pilot program. This includes airfields, classrooms, and other facilities. Finally, if the program includes accommodation, don't forget to see where you will be living for the course of your flight lessons.


4. Course Characteristics

You should assess the type of instruction you will receive at each academy you evaluate. If you want to learn to fly to become a commercial pilot, it is best to look for courses that will certify you with an ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License). This is a long term instruction (as opposed to individual courses), in which you will be able to graduate as a first officer. You must make sure that the option you choose includes a jet plane flight simulator. Also, keep in mind the projection of the academy graduates. That is to say, what career path do the graduates of the airlines pilot course have.

5. What Does the Pilot Course Include?

Finally, you must know what you will get for your tuition. Some academies only include the technical/academic aspect. The best options in Europe are the all-inclusive ones. In these academies, in addition to the training, you will get uniforms, accommodation, and food. This option is ideal because you will have the peace of mind that you know the entire cost upfront. It is propitious that you also check what payment options the commercial pilot school has in addition to the price. This way, you will evaluate your budget and your economic conditions before making the decision.

Are You Ready to Reach the Sky? Trust FlyBy

If you want to become an extraordinary commercial pilot, FlyBy is your ideal choice. We are the only European academy that offers a 100% all-inclusive integrated ATPL certification course. For only €69,300, you will graduate as a first officer in just 14 months.

With us, you will receive the best instruction to become a pilot. We have an incredible fleet of 19 aircraft, including 14 single-engine VFR, two single-engine IFR, 1 UPRT, and two multi-engine aircraft. Besides, you will have the support and knowledge of the 15 most experienced instructors.

In our facilities, student pilots will receive all the school training needed to become an elite airlines pilot. We will help you to pass the written exams and airborn flight tests to accumulate all the pilots certificates you need to pursue an airline career path.  Our flight simulators and aircraft are new and modern and you will be able to accumulate more flight hours in less time at the Burgos airport with its excellent weather.  Our students get more flight time in training flights early on as a result.  As a result of the more aggressively managed flight time, our accelerated airline school training can get students their ATPL pilot certificates in as little as 14 months.  This helps them get a head start on their airline careers.

In order to qualify for our program you will need to get a class 3 medical certificate and pass a series of exams covering stuff like personality, math, physics and English proficiency.  If you do not already have a class 3 medical certificate, we can help you get that as part of your enrollment fee.  You can request info from us if you are unsure of our requirements before beginning our flight training courses. 

Trust The Experts!

Start your professional pilot career with the best instruction. Join our group of graduates who today fly for the most prestigious airlines globally, such as Iberia, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, and RYANAIR, among others. International students are welcome with over 55 nations represented among the student pilots at our pilot training courses.  With our airplane pilot career focused training, your limit will be the sky. To request info contact FlyBy Aviation Academy to learn how to fly.

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