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Piano & Synth Technique

Learn how to play piano, synth keyboards, and create music like a pro.

Go beyond typical keyboard lessons!

Keyboards are one of the most powerful musical instruments available. But you need to understand how to get the most from them with skills, playing style, and creativity.  This course teaches you all these techniques and allows you to improve your performances.

Play with Confidence

Become an Expert-level keyboardist when you learn how to confidently play more Fluid and Expressive.

Have Fun Practicing

Make practice sessions Fun and Easy with the coursebook, music notation, MIDI files, and practice guides that follow each lesson.

Learn New Skills

Transform your playing by combining technique, vocabulary, and Jordan’s secret formulas to expand your creative potential.

See what’s inside!

Intended for all players

This course is designed to improve the skills of beginner, intermediate, or advanced students.

24+ exclusive video lessons

Learn fast and have fun with step-by-step lessons and progressive course.

Trusted by 5,239+ players

Students give YousicPlay’s courses an average rating of 5/5.

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Introduction to the Course


Download all the training sheets

Jordan’s Musical Inspirations (3:13)

Section 1: Foundational Skills

Warming Up (3:14)

Left Hand Exercises (8:43)

Right Hand Exercises (11:53)

Scale Exercises (10:19)

Chord Inversions (6:05)

Warming Up (3:14)

Section 2: Coordination & Hand Independence

Jordan Style Hand independency (5:07)

Rhythmic Displacement (5:38)

Mastering Hand Independence (12:11)

Section 3: Dexterity & Finger Control

Playing Fast & Clean (25:16)

Mastering Scales (15:42)

Arpeggios (7:48)

Section 4: Rock Style Keyboard

Rock Keyboard (17:32)

Rock Style Chords (5:11)

Rock Style Rhythms (4:51)

Section 5: Synth Technique

Foundational Function of Synths (8:30)

Pitch Bending Techniques (10:46)

Improving Your Knowledge of Sounds (3:46)

Section 6: Live Performance Prep

Jordan’s Live Show Prep (2:54)

Jordan’s Keyboard Stup (9:34)

Dream Theater’s Songwriting Process (2:18)

“The Dance of Enternity” Performance Breakdown (8:50)

Dealing with Nerves (1:26)

Section 7: Bonus Performance

GeoShred (14:03)

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Meet your teacher….   Jordan Rudess

Voted “Best Keyboardist of All Time” by Music Radar Magazine, Jordan Rudess is best known as the keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire for platinum-selling Grammy-nominated prog rock band, Dream Theater. Jordan is a globally acclaimed master of both piano proficiency and electronic sound design. 

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Learn better, easier, and faster by using our chapter summaries, practice guides, music notation, and MIDI files with our Piano & Synth Technique Masterclass COURSEBOOK. It’s the perfect companion to the Official Piano & Synth Technique Masterclass, and you get it for FREE when you register today.

Top 5 Reasons why you’ll love this course:

Get unstuck in your playing

Learn how to play some awesome chord progressions & synth riffs

Extensively expand your playing skills with hours of step-by-step tutorials

Be creative with your music, learn how to compose and express yourself

Play more confidently in front of friends and family

Get Started Now!

Master your piano and synth techniques and start creating your music.

Immediate and unlimited access to 24 exclusive video lessons

Bonus: a digital copy of Jordan Dudess’ album ‘Keona’ (value: $10)

14-day money back guarantee: if you’re not satisfied with the course, we’ll refund your money.

downloadable e-book (PDF) with all the exercises from course

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