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jordan rudess

Teaches rock piano & sound design

Learn how to combine sound design with your piano playing!

Discover the best ways to increase your speed, improve your accuracy, develop your knowledge of sound design and create your own musical ideas!

Develop your skills by following our successful step-by-step practice strategy!

Transform the way you play!

   Video lessons (3 hrs, 30 min)
   Only need basic piano skills
    Learn at your own pace

   Step-by-step practice guide
    Lifetime Access

What will you learn?

In this class, Jordan teaches you all of his rock keyboard and sound design secrets, giving you new ways to approach your instrument. You’ll learn his step-by-step process for improving your piano technique and how to use electronic sound design to create a new world of exploration for your music. This class is designed to give you new sets of ready-to-use piano and sound design skills, so that you can take your playing to the next level!

Jordan's Musical Inspirations

Form, Warm-ups & Posture

Left Hand Exercises

Right Hand Exercises

How To Play Fast & Clean

Creative Exercises With Scales

Using Arpeggios & Inversions

Jordan Style hand Independency

Rhythmic Displacement

Rock Piano Chord Voicing

Rock Style Comping Rhythm

Synth Keyboard Basics

Pitch Bend & Synth Techniques

Knowing Your Sounds

Synth Leads vs Synth Pads

The Art of Improvisation

Breaking Down: "The Dance of Eternity"

Dealing With Nerves

How To Practice

Learn from the best

Jordan Rudess


Voted “Best Keyboardist of All Time” by Music Radar Magazine, Jordan Rudess is best known as the keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire for platinum-selling Grammy – nominated prog rock band, Dream Theater. Jordan is a globally acclaimed master of both piano proficiency and electronic sound design. 

In this class, Jordan teaches you the piano techniques, rock vocabulary, and sound design skills you need to expand your creative mind and explore new musical possibilities.






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