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What will you learn?

Lindsey teaches you everything she knows in this class, transforming the way you create music. Learn her fun and creative approach to playing violin and leave the class with a new set of ready-to-use violin and arranging skills.

Song Structure & Breaking Rules

Despite the fact that most songwriters use the same song structure, JAX finds lots of ways to diversify within this structure. In this lesson she’ll walk you through how she uses emotion to change the melodies in a chorus or the number of beats in a single measure.

Jax's Writing Process

JAX says her success in writing new songs really depends on a room’s energy from the people she is working with artistically. She explains the importance of who you surround yourself with while writing.

Writing "Ring Pop"

When writing her song, “Ring Pop” JAX says it came from a place of honesty and realizing that even though she was broken, she has all she needs. In this lesson she walks us through her process for writing the song in the midst of a crippling pandemic. 

Simplicity in Your Chorus

For many, the chorus is the most memorable part of a song. JAX recognizes this and explains how she tries to make each chorus she writes simple and connectable.

Tips For Writing Lyrics

Lyric writing that is done well certainly elevates any song. In considering the writing process, JAX offers a bit of advice to help you in your work during this lesson.

Writing "Come Home to Me"

Song titles and musical lyrics can sometimes have multiple interpretations depending on context. In the case of “Come Home to Me,” JAX explains her thought process for deciding on the song title.

Writing a Conversational Verse

Musical lyrics can sometimes be ironic in nature, tongue-and-cheek, rather than straight forward. JAX breaks down her thoughts on making the lyrics conversational.

Start Posting on TikTok

For many, it can be difficult to find the time and creative energy to create content for social media platforms while simultaneously fulfilling responsibilities at work or school. JAX explains the importance of finding the balance & why putting in the time to posts is valuable.

TikTok Growth Hacks

Learning how Tik Tok’s algorithm works can be a daunting task. In this lesson JAX explains that the completion rate of a video is an important aspect of what gets your content into the “For you” feed. 

Using TikTok as a Songwriter

Compared to other social media platforms, Tik Tok has some unique features that are valuable to songwriters. Learn from JAX, how Tik Tok helped highlight her specific gifts and more.

Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

In addition to our in-depth video lessons, use our course book to drastically improve your skills through our chapter summaries, music notation, and practice guides. It’s an easy to follow curriculum designed to enhance your learning experience and further your growth.


Song Structure & Breaking Rules
  • Take note of the music you listen to, and how the artist structured it.
  • While writing lyrics, explore words with similar vowel sounds to use in the rhyme scheme of your lyrics.


Jax’s Writing Process
  • If writing new music with a group, try involving artistic people who you consider to be your friends. 
  • Enter the writing space with the concept of a song already in mind.


Writing “Ring Pop”
  • Think about an emotion from which you want to write a song about. 
  • Consider your song’s direction or texture. 


Simplicity in Your Chorus
  • Try to create choruses in your music that are simple, both melodically and lyrically.
  • Do not feel limited by needing to start with a chorus.
  • Try having different chord progressions from verse to chorus.


Tips for Writing Lyrics
  • Pay attention to your word choices within your lyrics.
  • For each of the song’s sections, choose between showing or telling lyrics. 


Writing “Come Home to Me”
  • It is possible to use phrases in an ironic and creative way. 
  • Be conscious of the number of syllables in your lines.
  • Be also aware of your rhyming scheme.


    Writing a Conversational Verse
    • Conversational lyric writing has its advantages in musical story-telling. 
    • Consider the central concept of your song.
    • Keep your lyrics relatable.


    Choosing a Song Title
    • Find a process that works best for you when creating a title for a new song. 
    • Keep your song concept’s in a folder.
    • Check to see if the concepts you intended to convey are actually translating to the right emotions for other people.


    Start Posting on TikTok
    • Set aside time to think about your marketing strategy. 
    • Begin creating content now for social media and set clear goals.
    • Be yourself in the content you create.


    TikTok Growth Hacks
    • Start your videos in a way designed to catch other people’s attention.
    • Keep your videos short and not too complicated. 
    • Take time to research what is currently trending. 


    Using TokTok as a Songwriter
    • Be consistent in the amount that you post and the hashtags you use.
    • Stay inventive in the creation of new Tik Tok content. 
    • Find aspects in your life that are unique to you.

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    Lindsey Stirling is a violinist, dancer, and performer who took the world by storm with her unique approach to arranging and performance. In this class, Lindsey teaches her writing process, how she arranges covers, how to use technical vocabulary in a musical way, and the importance of soul searching so that your musical expression is an extension of who you are.

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    Start this wonderful, fun and so engaging course because it’s filled with the same energy that Lindsey puts into her concert where she wholeheartedly shares her gift with the audience. This class will be educational and entertaining for the person who is making their first step in playing the violin and who needs a foundation and motivation to keep honing their skills!


    I have been listening to Lindsey’s music for years now, and I am truly inspired by her success AND her music. I’m so very excited to see you teaching about it 🙂

    I loved how easy and practical you made each lesson in this class. Having the practice guides and music notation in the course book was a huge help!!

    Niamh Woulfe

    Wow, what a great offer!!
    I picked up my violin again just to learn from her. This class was so much fun!

    David Gerull

    Definitely a great opportunity to learn to reach for your dreams. Lindsey Stirling is amazing at sharing her musical knowledge and unique style of arranging with others 🙂

    Charles Reitterer

    I was very excited to start this class cause I’m a HUGE fan of you, that’s why I learned violin cause I want to be like you one day. I feel like I got to know you as a person along with the way you play violin. I can’t wait to start using what I learned from your class in my playing!

    Maribel Olivas

    I don’t think I can react big enough! There is no one I think is better suited to teach these things. I’ve watched each lesson multiple times and they’re are filled with boundless ideas. I’ve already improved my playing so much by practicing the techniques in this class!

    Remington Wright





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