Daycare Kelowna

Daycare Kelowna

If you have a job that allows you to work from home, finding daycare in Kelowna for your kids may seem like an exercise in futility. However, at CEFA, we have found that parents are actually more productive when they have their kids in daycare in Kelowna, even if they do work from home or telecommute.

Other parents come to us with the struggle that they don’t know how to make themselves motivated and stay on track while working remotely. Here are some suggestions that we sometimes give to parents who find themselves in this situation.

Create A Schedule

The most successful remote workers and telecommuters are those who are able to create a schedule for themselves. Yours might look like wake up, get ready for the day, drop the kids off at daycare in Kelowna, and then get to work. Give yourself time for breaks and a lunch hour. If you treat it like a job—because that’s what it is, just in a familiar location—then you’ll likely do lots better.

Make A Workspace

We work with many parents who work remotely and what has worked for many of them is to create a special workspace. Some of them work from dedicated offices within their home. others choose to lease an office space to allow them some separation between their work space and home space.

If you haven’t gathered by now, the inherent challenge in working from home or remotely is a psychological one. It often requires that you trick your brain into thinking differently about the work you do. If you have a hard time separating personal life from your professional one, then moving to an actual work space away from home may be worth the investment.

Find Great Childcare

Your boss and clients will appreciate the work you do so much more if you are able to prioritize tasks and work without distractions. Finding a great daycare in Kelowna that your kids can go to during the day will allow you to focus on work during the day and be a more valuable contractor or employee.

Stay Focused

If you choose to work from home rather than rent out an office space or work remotely from a different location, try to keep yourself focused regardless. It can be difficult when you’re at home to think of what you’re doing as work. If you start to think about all the chores you have to do and errands you have to run, you’ll find yourself in the “home” mindset.

Reel yourself back in. Gently remind yourself that you’re keeping yourself to a schedule. The kids are at daycare in Kelowna so that you can work, so you need to keep yourself on task and use that time wisely. You can stay on task by creating a to-do list and keep all the to-do list items that have to do with your home, such as vacuuming the front room or mopping the kitchen to after hours.

Working from home is the dream for many parents no matter where you live and what you do. One of the best ways that you can keep yourself motivated and to stay on track while working remotely is to have your kids in the best daycare in Kelowna you can find. These other suggestions may help as well.

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