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Teaches Organ and synth keyboard

Discover how to create new and original music ideas!

Learn how to make arranging your favorite songs fun and exciting!

Develop your skills by following our successful step-by-step practice strategy!

Transform the way you play piano

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   15 Video lessons ( 1h 37m )
    Only need basic violin skills
    Learn at your own pace

    Step-by-step practice guide
    Music notation
    Lifetime Access

What will you learn?

Lindsey teaches you everything she knows in this class, transforming the way you create music. Learn her fun and creative approach to playing violin and leave the class with a new set of ready-to-use violin and arranging skills.

Cory's Influences

Developing Your Technique

Finger Control Exercise

Moment with Cory: Meeting Stevie Wonder

Stride & Ballad Piano

Music Theory

Playing Melodically

Cory's Blues

Master each Instrument

Breakdown: "Trade It All Solo"

Dealing with Nerves

Breakdown: "Lingus" Solo

Moment with Cory: Growing up in Church

Gospel Organ

Reharmonization Techniques

Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

In addition to our in-depth video lessons, use our course book to drastically improve your skills through our chapter summaries, music notation, and practice guides. It’s an easy to follow curriculum designed to enhance your learning experience and further your growth.


Cory’s influences
  • Think of what artists influence your playing and your style. 
  • What styles of music have you tried to fuse together in your playing?


Developing Your Technique
  • When practicing, use a metronome at an easy, comfortable tempo and break the song “Creepin” by Stevie Wonder into smaller sections.
  • Practice a few bars over and over.
  • Next, add chords in rhythm over and over, until you match the feeling of the bass to the rocking motion.
  • Finally, experiment with both stretching out the chords, and inverting the chords.


Finger Control Exercises
  • Start with a very slow tempo on the metronome.
  • Listen for both notes being played to be strong.
  • When you master the exercises starting on C, move up a half step.
  • Since utilizing this exercise in his own practice, Cory feels much more in control of his fingers.


Stride & Ballad Piano
  • Practicing at a slow tempo, and playing one hand at a time separating can help differentiate the roles of the hands.
  • Practice Cory’s left hand stride piano pattern. 
  • Notice how rhythm and syncopation drive the stride piano.


Playing Melodically
  • Watch and listen to Cory experiment with different melodic ideas. 
  • First play a basic one or two bar melody in the right hand.
  • It’s important to be aware of the chord tones for each chord you’re on.
  • Go slowly, and make changes until you like where it goes.
  • The goal is to continue to search for a sound.


Cory’s Blues
  • First, learn the standard 12 bar Blues progression.
  • Challenge yourself to say aloud which chord you’re playing as you play it to internalize in your mind.
  • Try to mimic the feel and rhythmic ideas of a jazz upright bass player.


    Performance Breakdown: “Trade it All” Solo
    • Whatever synthesizer you’re using, take time to practice and get to know how different combinations of filters and adjustments affect the sound.
    • When you’re soloing over chord changes, think about playing in small harmonic blocks.  
    • Experiment with playing 5ths and different intervals to create musical phrases.
    • Don’t forget to start with a framework of basic knowledge of chords, and planning where you want to go in your progression.


        Performance Breakdown: “Lingus” Solo
        • When soloing Cory starts slowly, he wants the solo to tell a story. 
        • Another way to build the story arch of your solo is to play with the synth filters to create brighter sounds.
        • Don’t be in a rush. 


        Gospel Organ
        • Cory performs and practices playing the organ in socks, which allows your feet to slide easily between pedals.
        • Use a metronome to be precise.
        • Practice each part separately before trying to put them all together.


        Reharmonization Techniques
        • Find a recording or sheet music of a hymn with the original chords as your framework.
        • Be sure to know and internalize the melody of a hymn before attempting to reharmonize it.
        • Go very slowly!
        • Sustain the chords as long as you need to while changing just one note at a time.
        • Have fun!

        Learn from the best

        CORY HENRY


        Lindsey Stirling is a violinist, dancer, and performer who took the world by storm with her unique approach to arranging and performance. In this class, Lindsey teaches her writing process, how she arranges covers, how to use technical vocabulary in a musical way, and the importance of soul searching so that your musical expression is an extension of who you are.

        What students are saying!

        Learn why thousands of students are choosing to learn on Yousicplay.

        Start this wonderful, fun and so engaging course because it’s filled with the same energy that Lindsey puts into her concert where she wholeheartedly shares her gift with the audience. This class will be educational and entertaining for the person who is making their first step in playing the violin and who needs a foundation and motivation to keep honing their skills!


        I have been listening to Lindsey’s music for years now, and I am truly inspired by her success AND her music. I’m so very excited to see you teaching about it 🙂

        I loved how easy and practical you made each lesson in this class. Having the practice guides and music notation in the course book was a huge help!!

        Niamh Woulfe

        Wow, what a great offer!!
        I picked up my violin again just to learn from her. This class was so much fun!

        David Gerull

        Definitely a great opportunity to learn to reach for your dreams. Lindsey Stirling is amazing at sharing her musical knowledge and unique style of arranging with others 🙂

        Charles Reitterer

        I was very excited to start this class cause I’m a HUGE fan of you, that’s why I learned violin cause I want to be like you one day. I feel like I got to know you as a person along with the way you play violin. I can’t wait to start using what I learned from your class in my playing!

        Maribel Olivas

        I don’t think I can react big enough! There is no one I think is better suited to teach these things. I’ve watched each lesson multiple times and they’re are filled with boundless ideas. I’ve already improved my playing so much by practicing the techniques in this class!

        Remington Wright





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