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What will you learn?

Lindsey teaches you everything she knows in this class, transforming the way you create music. Learn her fun and creative approach to playing violin and leave the class with a new set of ready-to-use violin and arranging skills.

Arturo's Influences

Arturo believes that anything and everything in your life can influence and inspire you as a musician. In this lesson learn how to stay inspired as a trumpet player.

Growing up in Cuba

Arturo was born and raised in Cuba. The island has an old and rich musical legacy. Throughout this lesson Arturo takes us through his process for incorporating his Cuban roots into his music.

Imitate, Emulate, Create

One musician that has meant a lot to Arturo’s playing was the trumpet player Clark Terry, who taught “Every music student has their heroes that they listen to and admire. Arturo teaches us how to imitate, emulate, and create in this lesson.

Creating With Imagination

There are no shortcuts in music. In this lesson Arturo teaches about the difference between music being a hobby or music being used as a profession.

Importance of the Piano and Music Theory

Arturo tells a story about how Miles Davis once asked Dizzy Gillespioe about getting better with jazz and improvisation on trumpet, and Dizzy led him to a piano. Arturo teaches about the importance of understanding piano and music theory as a trumpet player.

Proper Form

Arturo talks about hand placement for both right and left hand. In this lesson he teaches how to practice proper form while playing the the trumpet.

Warming Up

Warming up is a must as a musician! In this lesson Arturo walks us through his thoughts on the importance of warming up before playing the trumpet.

Warm Up Principles

An important principle to remember when warming up is to not overplay. Arturo teaches us the most effective methods he has been using for years to warm up on the trumpet.


There are many different kinds of articulation or “attacks.” In this lesson Arturo explains that the clearest and cleanest kind of articulation is the “breath attack” & more.

Producing Sounds and Textures

Many players believe they need different horns and mouthpieces to produce different sounds, but Arturo encourages a different approach. He teaches in this lesson that imagination is key.


Dynamics are related to control of sound. Arturo explains his methods for creating dynamics while playing in this lesson.

Developing Your Range: Highs and Lows

Arturo shares the story of his early years of playing where he started off being essentially self-taught which made it difficult to learn good technique. Throughout this lesson he will walk us through how he developed his range over time.


Arturo teaches one way to think about dexterity is the finger control and the brain’s command of the muscles in your hands. In this lesson he will explain the importance of this coordination.

Live Student Session: Articulation

Arturo strongly recommends focusing on the very beginning of the Arban Trumpet book, and to not worry about the second half “for a very long time.” He strongly emphasizes of the articulation of each note in this lesson.

Live Student Session: Dexterity

In this lesson on dexterity, Arturo has Keith play in Herbert Lincoln Clarke’s second book, the first etude. He recommends this exercise and explains how it can help the dexterity of a trumpet player tremendously.

Live Student Session: Cloning Notes

In this exercise, Arturo chooses a single note, G, and plays it in a variety of ways. Watch as Arturo breaks down his methods for cloning notes in this lesson.

Melody, Harmony, and Musicality

Arturo shares how he uses piano practice to teach himself music theory. In this lesson he’ll explain how chords relate, change, and how feeling more comfortable with piano can make you a better musician.


Having a vision or canvas as you improvise will help as you conceptualize what you will play. Arturo explains the importance of having an intro,middle, and ending to the song you are playing.

Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

In addition to our in-depth video lessons, use our course book to drastically improve your skills through our chapter summaries, music notation, and practice guides. It’s an easy to follow curriculum designed to enhance your learning experience and further your growth.


Arturo’s influences
  • Reflect on how music has been a source of comfort, power, motivation and connection in your life.
  • In what ways do you express “being in love” with music in your day to day life?


Growing up in Cuba
  • Think about the music that resonates with you the most.
  • What style or genre of music is it?
  • What musical journey or mission are you on?


Imitate, Emulate, Create
  • Arturo advises you to invest in a good pair of headphones and carefully cultivate your music selection.
  • Notice how music transcription and sight reading cannot always communicate the style in which a line of music can or should be played.
  • Listen to a variety of styles.


Creating With Imagination
  • Think about if you have frustrations and limitations due to your experience.
  • Quality of sound is essential to have before you can really express what you want.
  • If you have gaps in your technique and proficiency, it is worth taking the time to practice your skills.


Importance of the Piano and Music Theory
  • It’s never too late to get started with improving your piano skills.
  • Get comfortable using inflection and phrasing in both your singing and playing lines so that your trumpet playing is an extension of your voice.


Proper Form
  • Arturo reminds you that when you play your jaw, throat and neck must be passive and not intervene with your playing.
  • Use your tongue position to change the air speed to facilitate your playing cleanly and in tune.
  • Note in your playing if you are keeping your fingers, neck and throat relaxed! 


Warming Up
  • Arturo recommends playing a series of descending arpeggios going to a low C.
  • Play a series descending scales.


Warm-Up Principles
  • Try the exercise from the video lesson. Start slowly, keeping an even beat. 
  • Build speed.
  • Practice it with a variety of articulations.
  • Experiment with playing different kinds of tone qualities.


  • To learn double tonguing Arturo says, go very slowly!
  • The goal is to make them sound as close to each other as possible.
  • Listen to Arturo’s example of the jazz version of double tonguing with d and g instead of t and k.


Producing Sounds and Textures
  • Choose a few trumpet players you love and take note of how they sound. 
  • Record yourself trying to imitate that style and texture of sound.
  • As you listen, take note of the moments where you were successful.


  • Try practicing the son filé dynamics exercises Arturo demonstrates in this lesson.
  • Pick a song to play that is typically a vocal piece.


Developing Your Range: Highs and Lows
  • Don’t become obsessed with high notes!
  • Arturo believes that your preparation in improving your sound quality will also help you play higher.


  • Take the fingering for this exercise and place the mouthpiece near your ear and play-through the motions of the exercise.
  • When playing the exercise with breath, Arturo starts with the metronome at 120 bpm.
  • Grow in your comfort level playing with a metronome.


Live Student Session: Articulation
  • Listen to Keith’s playing versus Arturo’s
  • If you play this exercise, record yourself and play it back. 
  • Can you find that articulation that is connected with the body of the note and not overly harsh at the beginning?


Live Student Session: Dexterity
  • Attempt to play like Arturo and Keith did first, no breath, just metronome and fingers on valves.
  • Try as many variations of the exercise as you can!
  • Use the metronome!


Live Student Session: Cloning Notes
  • Don’t be in a rush when practicing, be patient with yourself before moving to the next exercise or to performance pieces.
  • When possible, take opportunities to play in different places.
  • Listen to your favorite players’ vibrato.


Melody, Harmony, and Musicality
  • When you have access to a piano, try as an experiment what Arturo demonstrates: Arpeggiating chords.
  • Compose your very own original blues song using the chords.
  • Try playing an improvisational melody on your trumpet in a key that is easy for you to play.


  • Keep listening with intention.
  • If you are not familiar with piano/keyboard as a trumpet player, it’s not too late to acquaint yourself and start to learn.
  • Make a list of your biggest takeaways from this course.

Learn from the best



Lindsey Stirling is a violinist, dancer, and performer who took the world by storm with her unique approach to arranging and performance. In this class, Lindsey teaches her writing process, how she arranges covers, how to use technical vocabulary in a musical way, and the importance of soul searching so that your musical expression is an extension of who you are.

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Start this wonderful, fun and so engaging course because it’s filled with the same energy that Lindsey puts into her concert where she wholeheartedly shares her gift with the audience. This class will be educational and entertaining for the person who is making their first step in playing the violin and who needs a foundation and motivation to keep honing their skills!


I have been listening to Lindsey’s music for years now, and I am truly inspired by her success AND her music. I’m so very excited to see you teaching about it 🙂

I loved how easy and practical you made each lesson in this class. Having the practice guides and music notation in the course book was a huge help!!

Niamh Woulfe

Wow, what a great offer!!
I picked up my violin again just to learn from her. This class was so much fun!

David Gerull

Definitely a great opportunity to learn to reach for your dreams. Lindsey Stirling is amazing at sharing her musical knowledge and unique style of arranging with others 🙂

Charles Reitterer

I was very excited to start this class cause I’m a HUGE fan of you, that’s why I learned violin cause I want to be like you one day. I feel like I got to know you as a person along with the way you play violin. I can’t wait to start using what I learned from your class in my playing!

Maribel Olivas

I don’t think I can react big enough! There is no one I think is better suited to teach these things. I’ve watched each lesson multiple times and they’re are filled with boundless ideas. I’ve already improved my playing so much by practicing the techniques in this class!

Remington Wright



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